Building upon and connecting

How we will work together

  • In the next phase of the project, we will channel resources to support collaboration and connection between sectors around three focus areas.

  • The approach to collaboration we will take is inspired by the ‘Constellations’ model. This approach taps into the power of networks and people working as peers.

  • In line with our values and guiding principles, we will use decision-making processes that are open and transparent. This will ensure equity through the sharing of power and resources.

  • We believe in finding out how we are doing, so we can do it better and share what we learn. We will work with the Constellations to monitor progress so that we can learn and grow.

Our areas of focus

We are currently working on identifying our areas of focus. Check in with our newsletter and social media for announcements.

  • Media As Allies

    Supporting communities and media businesses to work together to fully and authentically represent the stories the country needs and wants to hear.

  • Te Toto Kei Roto (a Treaty that resonates with all of us)

    Bringing together people who are promoting understanding of Te Tiriti and New Zealand’s past.

  • Having the Important Conversations

    Supporting communities and organisations working within Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Te Tiriti, and anti-racist practices to work together to dismantle inequitable systems.

Support us

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  • Fund our work

    We’re looking for partnerships with like-minded organisations who want to help build a more inclusive society. Let’s start a conversation about how we can partner with you.

  • Volunteer

    This kaupapa is about all of us. Whatever you are able to offer, we’d love to chat.

Thank you to our funders and supporters