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Inclusive Aotearoa Collective Tāhono

The kupu Tāhono derives from ‘hono’, meaning to link or connect, and the prefix ‘tā’, which translates to ‘to cause’. Together, they signify the act of causing connections and bringing people together. This name was gifted to our project by Professor Tom Roa.

Our vision is of an Aotearoa, New Zealand, where everyone has a place to belong, leaving discrimination, racism, and prejudice in the past. It is a vision where everybody’s mana is recognised and respected, regardless of one’s background. It is a vision of upholding Te Tiriti, recognising tino rangatiratanga and supporting the rights and tikanga of tangata whenua.

Our mission is to build a social movement of people, organisations, and communities nationwide to achieve this vision.

Our whakataukī

A whakataukī was gifted to our project by Professor Tom Roa, inspired by the toroa (albatross), a symbol of peace. The proverb tracks the toroa as it soars across the seas, to its nesting sites inland, and how it sews offshore and onshore together in its flight.

As Tāhono soars across the seas As Tāhono soars inland And in leaving those places of significance in the Crossing Alights on Kōwiniwini, on Kōwanawana (places of significance to the peoples of those spaces) Let there be an affirming of that


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