Announcing ‘Voices from the Frontlines: Community-Driven Pathways for Systems Change in Aotearoa’

On the 9th of May the SASS group (Systems-change Advocacy, Support and Solidarity) held the launch of their new ‘not-white’ paper: Voices from the Frontlines: Community-driven pathways for systems change in Aotearoa. The group has been working on this for some time, and they are thrilled to finally share it with you all! IACT holds SASS as a constellation, offering support through different resources and connections.

This paper is SASS’s gift to everyone who is passionate about creating a more equitable, inclusive, Te Tiriti-based Aotearoa – whether you work in Systems Change or support it. The information in the paper has been organised into five key pathways, each with clean, actionable steps for those who want to contribute to an inclusive, beautiful future.

A banner displaying the front page of the paper, which has the title 'voices from the frontline: community-driven pathways for systems change in aotearoa'.

At the event, we were joined by a diverse community-focused whānau, where we all had space to share and connect our stories and perspectives on systems change. It was inspiring to hear about the work that is already being done in communities across Aotearoa, and to discuss how we can build on this momentum to drive meaningful change.

A big mihi and thank you to our funders, firstly to The Todd Foundation for funding our workshops and the writing of this paper, and a big shoutout to Clare Foundation for making our launch event possible!

Thank you for your support, and we encourage you to read and share ‘Voices from the Frontlines: Community-Driven Pathways for Systems Change in Aotearoa’.

Click here to access the pdf!

Here is a more accessible version of the paper for those with accessibility needs: click here