IACT team shares #WhatBelongingMeansToMe

At the end of last year we decided as a team that we wanted to end the year on a positive note, and share that positive note with our followers. So each of us took some time to share our whakaaro on what belonging means to us – and the result was beautiful!

The variety in our answers was vast, and it was interesting to see, even within our team, how subjective a sense of belonging can be. It’s feels different for everyone, but is equally important for all and something we should all be able to experience.

We published each #WhatBelongingMeansToMe contribution on our social media in the last two weeks of December, and to save you from having to scroll back to December, here they all are!

While you’re reading through them, have a think – What does belonging mean to you?

(Click on each image for an enlarged version)