Systems Change Advocacy, Support and Solidarity

The Systems Change Advocacy, Support and Solidarity (SASS) Group was founded in 2022 by a core group of experienced, hands-on changemakers, fiercely passionate about community-led, relationship-based, collaborative systems equity change and creating a more equitable future in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The group recognised that they were each spearheading systems change and equity mahi across a range of sectors. They were each committed to Te Tiriti o Waitangi, to embodying principles of inclusivity and accessibility, to centring lived experience and to amplifying the voices of others. They also recognised the potential for uplifting one another and for developing a collective voice.

IACT role has been to ‘hold’ the group as a constellation, offering support through different resources and connections. This means that the core activities such as notetaking, facilitation, and admin support are resourced so that the group can focus on the mahi.

  • The work so far

    Read about why this group came together, and how the journey has looked so far.

SASS News and Events