Tamarack Institute webinar recording

On August 4th, Canada’s The Tamarack Institute held a webinar with our co-lead Anjum Rahman and SASS group’s Anissa Ljanta to discuss ‘Five Community-Driven Pathways for Systems Change’.

The webinar is based around Voices From the Frontlines: Community-Driven Pathways for Systems Change in Aotearoa, as report released from the Systems-change Advocacy Support and Solidarity (SASS) group back in May.

The report suggests five community-driven pathways for system change:
1. Enable systems change leadership
2. Strengthen relationships and working together
3. Address racism, bias, and exclusion
4. Overcome funding and bureaucracy challenges
5. Encourage experimentation and amplify transformation

You can listen or watch the webinar in the video below, and read the report here.