Te Tiriti o Waitangi Partnerships – YWCA

Earlier this year we partnered with YWCA to facilitate a Te Tiriti o Waitangi embedment framework within their organisation.

Gareth Jones and Atarau Hamilton-Fuller are leading the work from our side, and it has been a real honour to undertake this journey with the YWCA crew! The commitment they have put into the kaupapa so far has been considerable, and we are grateful to work alongside such an energetic and passionate group.

We have wrapped up our Te Tiriti engagement with them for 2023, but we are excited to get back into the kaupapa next year. The work that they do in supporting the well-being, development and achievement of women and girls in Aotearoa is dear to our heart, and we commend them for taking on this extended mahi and showing their commitment to te ao Māori and the treaty.