InternetNZ: Call for participation in Digital Identity research survey

InternetNZ is a charity that has a mission to create an Internet for all New Zealanders that is safe, accessible and a place for good. We would like to help fill this gap by inviting people to chat about their experiences, ideas and views.

In New Zealand and around the world, companies and governments are designing systems that people could use to prove ID digitally instead of using physical ID like a drivers licence or a power bill. For example, mobile apps for saving and sharing your ID information or something like RealMe. These systems are called Digital Identity.

These new systems must work well and respect everybody. So the government rules and the technology must be designed based on what the people of New Zealand need, and want.

There is a gap in understanding what different people currently face when asked to present proof of ID in New Zealand and also what people think of Digital Identity.

It is important to hear from people who have not been included in the process so far, and particularly those who are more likely to experience digital or social exclusion. For example, Māori people, Pacific peoples, LGBTQI+ folks, disabled people, seniors, migrants and refugees.

Our goal is to gather the views of a diverse range of people to inform the Government and the tech sector on what is needed to include and better serve everyone in New Zealand before systems and regulations are created.

We are looking for participants

We would like to have a one-hour chat about the experience of sharing proof of ID,  including what currently works and what doesn’t work for different people. Two of our team members will attend the session.
To ensure a broad range of New Zealanders are represented, we need to meet with people with different backgrounds and experiences.
If you are eligible to take part in the one-hour meeting, we will get in touch with you via email to confirm your participation and arrange details of the date and time.
If you choose to participate, you will receive a $50 Prezzy card. We will have online and in-person options for the meetings. In case you opt for an in-person session, we will reimburse your travel costs up to $40.
The information collected will be kept in password-protected storage. All information given by you will be deleted 6 months after the day we collect it.
To express your interest in participating, please start by filling out this short questionnaire.
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