Media as Allies

Working for Fair Media Representation

Media as Allies (MAA) is an IACT-supported cross-sector collaboration to help improve belonging and inclusion in Aotearoa New Zealand. An underlying premise of Media as Allies is that media representation and the way stories are told about a community can be a barrier to belonging and inclusion. Certain narratives in the media can impact the wellbeing of individuals and whole communities.

Media also play an important role in positively influencing opinions and countering divisions and mistrust to help create wellbeing and social cohesion.

Media as Allies sets out to bridge the gaps between the reality of what society looks like and what has been depicted in the media. and ensure media is a reflection of our society with all its diversity. A core group acts as an organising body for the wider Media as Allies collaboration. Inclusive Aotearoa acts as a secretariat, holding the group, as it develops and implements a programme to work together to bring about a more inclusive media landscape.

  • Our work so far

    Read about why our group came together, and how our journey has looked so far.

  • Our work looking forward

    Read about our goals and intentions going forward .

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