Belonging Online

Online spaces are great for building communities and relationships, but they can also be harmful

At Inclusive Aotearoa Collective Tāhono, we offer tailor-made workshops on online harm and its threats to communities and the social fabric of Aotearoa. 

We want people to better understand and be equipped to deal with online spaces. This means building a strong understanding of the various threats, the sources of these, the mechanisms and tools they use, as well as the impact of platform design.

Online harm can be recognised as many things, including:

  • Threats to personal and community safety
  • Harm to health and well-being
  • Dehumanisation, discrimination and silencing
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Deception and manipulation

Whakakotiti: Un/Real

Online content and culture can distort the understanding of what is real and unreal. While the internet can be perceived as an invisible part of everyday life, its infrastructure and the impacts caused by online harm are all rooted in the physical world—in our homes, neighbourhoods, and communities.

Un/Real: Whakakotiti is our workshop designed to address the impacts of online spaces and technologies on communities already struggling with racism and disinformation. 

We use a strengths-based approach to examine systems from a micro and macro perspective. Collaborative approaches are essential in dealing with these issues, as they are often beyond the scope of individual action. Sadly, it is often the case that approaches used to deal with these harms minimise the voices of those targeted while allowing those causing harm to continue to increase, reinforcing power dynamics that oppress minority communities.

Anjum Rahman runs our online harm workshops, approaching the topics from a breadth of personal and professional experience. As the outgoing chair of Christchurch Call, a member of GFICT, the co-chair of the preventing and countering violent extremism strategic framework working group, and her advocacy in this space, Anjum has long engaged with high-level mitigation of online harm damage. Recently, she and prof. Mohan Dutta released a white paper on Online Warfare during her activist residency at Massey University’s CARE programme.


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